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Delayed Pre-Orders

If you believe an item has been delayed but is not shown on the list, please contact us! :) ( (Updated 7/25/2023)
    Item Name Previous Estimated Release Date NEW Estimated Release date
    Bleach Gals Suì-Feng Figure 9/2022 SUPPLIER PROCESSING
    Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet the Samurai (Kurenai Ver.) 1/6 Scale Figure 4/2023 12/2023
    Higehiro Sayu Ogiwara Figure 7/2023 9/2023
    Overlord IV B-Style Albedo (Bunny Ver.) 1/4 Scale Figure 7/2023 10/2023
    Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Mai Sakurajima (Chinese Dress) 1/7 Scale Figure 11/2022 SUPPLIER PROCESSING
    92M Illustration Kinshi no Ane (Swimsuit Ver.) Figure 8/2023 9/2023
    Spy x Family Nendoroid No.1901 Loid Forger 7/2023 10/2023
    Genshin Impact Ganyu (Frostdew Trail Ver.) 1/7 Scale Figure 1/2023 8/2023
    Hetalia World Stars Romano Nendoroid 10/2023 10/2023
    Spy x Family Nendoroid No.1902 Anya Forger 7/2023 10/2023
    Nendoroid Kirby: 30th Anniversary Edition 2/2023 9/2023
    Naruto: Shippuden Nendoroid No.1636 Kakashi Hatake (Anbu Black Ops Ver.) 3/2023 SUPPLIER PROCESSING
    Sanrio Nendoroid Kuromi 3/2023 SUPPLIER PROCESSING
    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Tengen Uzui 1/8 Scale Figure 4/2023 10/2023
    Hatsune Miku Wonderland Figure - Puss in Boots Prize Figure 4/2023 11/2023
    No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Scale Figure Dress Ver. 4/2023 9/2023
    Vocaloid Hatsune Miku (15th Anniversary Strawberry Motif Outift Ver.) 1/7 Scale figure 7/2023 12/2023
    Vocaloid Hatsune Miku (Bitter Patissier) SPM Figure 6/2023 9/2023
    POP UP PARADE Hatsune Miku: The Vampire Ver. L version 8/2023 10/2023
    Toradora Taiga Aisaka: Tiger Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure 7/2023 9/2023
    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Vibration Stars Tengen Uzui 9/2023 9/2023
    HiiroVTuber Nendoroid No.1831 Hiiro 9/2023 9/1/2023